Selasa, 17 Oktober 2017

Instant Shutdown

 "Turns off your computer faster and better!"

There's two applications inside of package.
One says Light and Standard.
Light sizes only measly 16kb, but the standard edition uses 116kb.
The only difference is user interface, Light lacks any of them.

Oh yes, this app also speeds up shutdown time to NEARLY instant, WITHOUT ANY ERRORS INCLUDING BSOD. I have been using it for every time.

- Meant to run on shortcuts
- Had no icons
- Small (16kb)
- Open Source
- Usable on Windows XP to 10
- MAY BE USABLE on Win 95 to Win2k


- GUI interactable
- Meant to run on shortcuts too
- Had 2 icons
- A bit bigger but still Small (116kb)
- Open Source
- Usable on Windows XP to 10
- MAY BE USABLE on Win 95 to Win2k, you may try.

Problems and Q/A:

Q: Shutdown isn't instant!
A: Well, it depends on alot of factor. Space on your PC, Disk type, Running program, affects those.

Q: Did it damages my computer?
A: Nope. Read this README again from top, it doesn't invoke any BSOD, error logs, and Problems.

Q: Can you tell me how it works?
A: It calls RtlAdjustPrivilege at ntdll to adjust privilege to shutdown privilege. Then it also calls NtShutdownSystem& to execute shutdown command.

Q: Is it safe?
A: Qf course! You can scan it by yourself at virustotal.

Q: Why you are using VB6? It's somewhat old!
A: Using VB6 doesn't need to install whole framework, because only one dll needed. Add incompatibility issue too.

INFORMATION: It will invoke Reliability Monitor's "System not shutdown properly", but when turned back on, it doesn't pop options to enter safe mode.

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